Why you should use Antaris as your club software provider.

From A to Z how we will increase your club's profitability.



By providing your club with the industry's most comprehensive and cost-effective solution for automating all of its operations - memberships, services, classes, events, programs, locker rentals, payment processing, collections, reporting, payroll, and mass marketing - your club will be able to significantly streamline its current processes and increase its cash flow.



Antaris is the only solution that doesn't resell any payment services, thereby enabling your club to bill its recurring dues with its preferred credit card and EFT/ACH providers. So you can finally eliminate all of those marked-up payment processing fees and unnecessary settlement delays.


Child care

Easily manage your club's daily child care services by offering them as an add-on membership or pay-as-you-go option, and seamlessly tracking attendance. Use online registration to increase the sales for your children’s programs while simplifying your team's workflow.


Digital Guest Passes

Cost-effectively acquire new members by automatically providing digital guest passes to your most loyal members so they can easily share them with their family and friends. Further increase your membership base by luring back your past members with free limited-time workouts.


Email Marketing

Your club will drive new revenue opportunities by using our SendGrid integration to seamlessly target countless segments with individualized content. It will also reap significant time savings by deploying our numerous auto-generated emails, such as those notifying members of their approaching expiration or auto-renewal date, or those informing personal training clients running out of paid sessions.



When it comes to developing new features for Antaris, our philosophy is simple - if it will help automate your club’s operations, we’ll build it. It doesn’t matter whether it’s for a simple update to better alert your front desk when to stop members, or for a complex set of capabilities that enables your club to have different NSF fees and rebilling policies based on a member’s payment method for their recurring dues.


Group Classes

Increase your club's front-desk efficiency by having your members use their online account to book their group classes from their smartphone, tablet or computer. Free up additional staff time by allowing Antaris to automatically manage waitlists and notify participants of class updates.


Health Centre

Antaris provides your club with the industry’s most comprehensive set of features for automating every aspect of its health centre. By implementing our multiple controls for preventing members with outstanding balances from booking or redeeming their sessions, your club will also increase its cashflow from no longer paying its trainers for owed sessions.



To allow your club to optimize its specific processes, we have built robust integrations with critical third party software applications, including every primary EFT credit card and chequing account payment processor, MTS, MailChimp, GymSales, and Technogym. We also created a powerful API so outside parties can easily access your club’s data.


Juice Bar

Increase your club’s juice bar and retail sales by enabling members to make impulse purchases with their stored billing information. Your club will also better manage its inventory by using our real-time product tracking and reorder reports.



We know how important daily reports are for our clients. That’s why we will work you to customize your club’s automated KPI reports to ensure they provide you with the required information for quickly assessing your club’s key performance indicators on both a daily and month-to-date basis.



Integrate our CRM Events tool into your club’s sales system so reps can effectively manage their leads and sell more memberships. Further increase your club’s sales by using our MailChimp integration to automatically email its leads different promotions and allowing them to use their online account to buy their memberships.



Eliminate duplicate work and costly errors by tightly restricting your club’s staff ability to overwrite amounts and billing dates when adding memberships. And increase your club’s sales by automatically advertising limited-time offers to both its expiring and expired members.


NSF fees

Unlike our competitors that will only automate your club’s AR collections in exchange for a big portion or the entire amount of any collected NSF fees, Antaris does so at no extra cost. That’s right - when your club collects an NSF fee, it keeps it.


Online Account

Let your leads and members increase your club’s cashflow by allowing them to use their online accounts to purchase their memberships and pay outstanding balances. And let them eliminate a lot of your club’s front-desk work by allowing them to use their online accounts to book their classes and sessions, and access their contracts, payment receipts and questionnaires.



Do you want to pay a lot less for your club software and EFT billing fees? Well you can! Let us show you the savings from using Antaris.



To ensure your club is completely paperless, we enable it to customize all of its questionnaires and surveys. By then making them available for its members to complete from their online account, your fitness coaches can review their PAR-Q and training objectives prior to their consultations, and your managers can receive their immediate feedback about new staff, classes, and equipment.



Antaris provides you with over a hundred real-time reports that analyze every key metric of your club and can be easily imported into your spreadsheet and accounting programs. Ongoing collaboration with our clients ensures the reports are continually upgraded and remain a critical tool for making profitable business decisions.


Self-Service Kiosks

For just the cost of an iPad, your club can set up convenient, user-friendly self-service kiosks for registering all of its guests and selling every membership, including those requiring members to provide their billing information upon their next visit. Your club can further reduce its staff workload by using the kiosks for quick access to its members’ online accounts, and by adding kiosk-specific capabilities for making change requests and redeeming training sessions.



Our platform’s cutting-edge distributed technologies allow us to scale on demand and host our software across various data centers, ensuring your club can always quickly access its data. They also enable us to rapidly deploy the latest advances in cybersecurity for safeguarding your club’s data.


User Experience

Your club’s staff will continually increase their productivity as we’re always simplifying the user experience based on client feedback. We also use the feedback to determine the best new features for expanding the user experience, ensuring that we are automating more and more club processes.



Our platform's versatility enables your club to optimize how our software features are being utilized by each profit center. It also reduces costly mistakes by allowing your club to tightly control what each staff member can do with their account.



Our web-based software is compatible with any internet-connected device so your club can quickly set up all of its access points with no installation costs; you can also easily track your club's real-time performance from anywhere.


X factor

Ask any of our clients and they’ll confirm our X factor is that we genuinely care about helping them improve their club’s operations so they can increase its profitability. Our X factor also underlies our near-perfect customer retention rate, and why client referrals are our largest source of new business.



For over 15 years we have worked closely with all our clients to continually increase the value created by our club software. So we will always welcome, and frequently develop, your suggestions for improving our software's capacity to further streamline your club’s operations.



OK, we know there aren't many attention-grabbing words starting with Z that ooze software value. But zip works because it describes how quickly our software allows your club's staff to complete their club software tasks, thereby enabling them to deliver more value for your business.

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The Antaris platform will provide your club with all the necessary features for best automating its operations.







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Why our clients love us.

It doesn’t matter if you own a small training studio or multiple locations, you will receive the same outstanding customer service that has earned us the industry’s highest client retention rate.

By switching to Antaris, we were able to reduce our software fees by over 50% and streamline a lot more our administration.

Adam Bender

It was so easy setting up the Antaris self-service kiosks. After we started using them, I was really impressed how quickly they automated nearly all of the front-desk work at my clubs.

Joe Spino

Using Antaris has provided us with much better control of our data across all our profit centers. It has also made our daily operations significantly more efficient.

Liane McCusker
Lead Administrator

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